Rules and Regulation


  • 1. Every pupil shold posses the school dairy which he must preserve with care and bring to school daily.
  • 2. The pupils should be in the school premises by 9 a.m. Late comers will not be allowed into the class.
  • 3. It is strictly compulsory for every pupil to come to school dressed in proper school Uniform. Pupils with altered or incomplete uniform will not be allowed into the class.
  • 4. Pupils at all times should be clean and tidy in their person, dress and books. Pupils in dirty uniforms (including unpolished shoes) and with unkempt hair will be sent home.
  • 5. Irregular attendance, habitual want of application, disobedience or -misbehaviour even out side the school or during the school hours are sufficient reasons for dismissal of pupils.
  • 6. Any damage done to the school property will have to be made good. The decisions of Principal regarding the amount to be paid will be final.
  • 7. Pupils are responsible for the safe custody of their books and belongings. They are prohibited from bringing any valuable articles to the school and the management takes no responsbility for their loss
  • 8. No books, newspaper or periodicals other than prescribed ones , should be brought to school.
  • 9. Pupils are expected to take part in all the extra curricular activities of the school, as part of their civic training.
  • 10. A pupil suffering from contagious or infectious disease will not be allowed to attend school.
  • 11. No pupil will be excused from physical exercises and games without a doctor's certificate.
  • 12. Collection of money by members of staff, pupils, etc. for any purpose requires the Principal's sanction.
  • 13. Any communication (request, complaint or excuse) made by parents should be addressed to the Principal and not to be class teacher.
  • 14. Parents or guardians are not allowed to see their children or interview the teacher during the class hours without previous permission from the Principal.
  • 15. Tuitions with the school staff should not be arranged without the prior written premission of the Correspondent.
  • 16. Parents are expected to co-operativevHn the proper working of school, enforcing regularity, punctuality and discipline and by taking daily interest in their children's progress. They should check the hand book note books and preferably supervise, the home work set.
  • 17. A record of the address of the parents, or guardians is maintained in the school office. Any change of address should be communicated without delay.
  • 18. Student should attend special classes, arranged from time to time.
  • 19. While the school will take every precaution to ensure the safety and protection of its students within the school premises during school hours, the school authorities will not hold themselves responsible for any untoward incident beyond their control.
Leave of Absence
  • 20. No pupil should stay away from the school except for special reasons from which leave of absence should be obtained previously in writing.
  • 21. A pupil who is absent must bring a letter requesting leave of absence by the Parent / Guardian.
  • 22. A pupil who is absent for 3 days or more on account of illness must produce a medical certificate for the period of absence
  • 23. The pupil must return to school after the holidays on the appointed day. A pupil is liable to be fined for breach of this rule.
  • 24. Even for a single day's absence, leave letter must be produced at the time of reporting without fail.
  • 25. A pupil should have 75% of attendance of the total number of working days to be eligible for promotion at the end of the year.
  • 26. Pupils who absent themselves on the re-opening day in the new academic year without prior leave of absence are liable to havetheir names struck off the rolls.
  • 27. Pupils are not allowed to retain without permission any book borrowed from the library, longer than a fortnight.
  • 28. Pupils are requested to take proper care of the books borrowed. If a book is lost or damaged the pupil will have to make good the loss or the damage. This may also entail a fine.
  • 29. Pupils should not borrow school library books from one another.
  • 30. A pupil can borrow only one book at a time.
  • 31. Pupils should be polite and courteous to every one and show due respect to the teachers, other authorities and all elders in general. They should address the teachers politely using appropriate terms of courtesy such as "Please Sir" or "Please Madam". They must stand when addressed to and when addressing the elders.
  • 32. Pupils should see that the classrooms and the school premises are always kept clean, neat and tidy.
  • 33. Acts of indiscipline or misbehaviour on the part of the pupils are liable for disciplinary action by the school authorities. It may vary from fines to dismissal. The decision of the Correspondent / Principal in these matters shall be final.
  • 34. The School reserves the right to issue the transfer certificate to pupils at any part of the year for not being able to cope with academic standard set by the school.
  • 35. Cars and other vehicles (except cycles) are not permitted to enter the compound without permission.
  • 36. Mobile phone, camera and other valuables are prohibited.The breach of any one of above rules will amount to indiscipline.
  • 37. Pupils who have lunch in the school are requested to bring a napkin to avoid soiling and staining their surroundings. They are personally responsible for the cleanliness of the area they use. No refuse may be left behind for the school attendants to clean, but all remains should be placed by the pupils themselves in the wastebins.
  • 38. Parents bringing lunch for their children should attach a tag with name, class & section details and leave it with the security.